Software Testing

Outline for this course

Fundamentals of Testing.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Levels of Testing.

Software Testing Methods.

Familiarization of various popular testing types.

Software Testing Life Cycle.

Identify the items for the Test plan.

Test case design techniques.

Defect management.

Test reporting.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Test Management Tool.

Outline for this course

Introduction to HP Quick Test Professional.

Mercury Tours Site and creating your first test.

Object Repository.

Functions and Function Libraries.

Creating Tests.

Running and Analyzing Tests.


Parameterization Tests.

Outputting Values.

Defining and Using Recovery Scenarios.

Outline for this course

Quality Center Testing Process.

Specifying Releases and Cycles.

Specifying Requirements.

Planning Tests.

Running Tests.

Adding and Tracking Defects.