Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Outline for this course

Introduce launching an instance.

Manage projects, users, roles, and quotas.

Describe cloud computing.

Administer Linux networks and bridges.

Prepare to deploy an instance with public access.

Deploy an instance.

Manage block storage.

Manage object storage.

Prepare to deploy an external instance.

Deploy an instance with public access.

Customize instances.

Deploy a stack and configure autoscaling.

Install an OpenStack overcloud.

Outline for this course

Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture.

Describe the OpenStack control plane.

Integrate identity management.

Perform image operations.

Manage storage.

Manage OpenStack networking.

Manage compute resources.

Automate cloud applications.

Troubleshoot OpenStack operations.

Outline for this course

Manage networks in Linux.

Manage OpenStack networking agents.

Deploy IPv6 networks.

Provision OpenStack networks.

Implement distributed virtual routing.

Tune NFV performance.

Implement NFV data paths.

Build software-defined networks with OpenDaylight.