MEAN Stack Training

Outline for this course

Explaining ​​HTML5.

Using​​ various​ ​components​​ to ​​make ​​UI.

Design​​ flaw ​​in ​​javascript, Async pattern ​​in​​ Javascript.

Passing​​ functions​ ​in ​​functions, Declaring ​​functions ​​in ​​functions.

Understanding​​ functional​​ Scope, Knockout.js, ​​data-binding​​ and​​ earlier​ ​angularjs.

Setting​​ up ​​the ​​Angular ​​Application.

Using​​ browser​ ​console ,Creating​​ a ​​project ​​using ​​the ​​cli.

Making ​​custom​ ​events​ ​and ​​properties ​​in ​​custom ​​components.

Creating​​ a​​ basic ​​directive​​ attribute, ngClass​​ and​ ​ngStyle.

Routing​​ with ​​Parameters, Retrieving ​​query ​​parameters.

Setting​​ up ​​nested​ ​child​​routes.

Understanding ​​observable​ ​operators, Handling​​ Forms ​​in ​​Angular ​​Apps.

Using​​ Pipes ​​in ​​Angular​​4, Making​ ​object ​​attribute ​​based​ ​filters.

What​​ is ​​Node.js,​ ​and​​ why ​​node.js.

Explaining​​ how ​​Node.js ​​starts​​ from​​ with in ​​the ​​application.

Configuring​​ routes ​​and ​​action ​​handlers.

Explaining​​ concept​ ​of ​​request, response​ ​and ​​session.

Using​​ Async ​​and ​​Underscore ​​and ​​Later.js.

Debugging​​ in ​​nodeJS ​​using​ ​node-inspector.

What​​ is ​​JWT ​​and ​​how ​​to ​​authenticate ​​requests.

What​ ​are ​​REST ​​APIs ​​v/s ​​SOAP ​​API​​.

Building​​ a​ ​project ​​using ​​grunt/gulp.

Database / MongoDB.