Java Training

Outline for this course

Introduction to JAVA & JVM Architecture.

Datatypes, Variables, Keywords and Identifiers.

Operators and Expressions, Naming Conventions in Java .

Control Flow Statements.


Object and Class.

Object Oriented Programming(OOP).

Inheritance & Interfaces.

Abstract Classes, Inner Classes.

Access Specifiers, Access Modifiers.

Exception Handling, Multi Threading.

Input/Output Streams.

AWT, Applets and Swings.

Outline for this course

RMI-Remote Method Ivocation.

EJB – Enterprise Java Beans.

Stateless Statefull Session Bean.

JTS/JTA-JavaTransaction Service / Java Transaction API.

JNDI-Java Naming & Directory Interface.

JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service).

XML (extensible markup Language).

JAXP 1.2 (Java API for XML Parsing).

SOAP 1.1 (Simple Object Access Protocol).

JAX-RPC 1.1(Java API for XML Remote Procedure Call).

JAXR (Java API for XML Registration).

J2EE Design Patterns.

Servers & IDE’S.

Outline for this course

Introduction to JDBC, JDBC architecture.

Connection, Statement, ResultSet.

Prepared Statement, Callable Statement.

Scrollable and Updatable ResultSet.

Batch Updates.

Introduction to Servlets Life Cycle.

ServletConfig, ServletContext, ServletResponse.

Supplying initialization parameters to Servlets.

Performing database operations in Servlets.

Include and forward mechanisms.

HttpServlet Life Cycle.

Http request methods GET vs POST.

HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse.

Introduction to JSP Life Cycle.

Creating dynamic Web content with JSP.

Scripting elements .

Web application security.