DotNet Training

Outline for this course

MS.NET Framework Introduction.

VS.NET and Entry Point Method –Main.

C# Language Syntax.


OOPs-Programming Encapsulation.


OOPs-Interface & Polymorphism.

Collections and Generics.

Assemblies and GAC.

Exception Handling.

Input/Output Streams.

Reflection and Attributes.

Developing GUI Application Using WINFORMS.

Database Programming Using ADO.NET.

Managing Data using DataSet.

N-Tier Layered Architecture Application.


Windows Services.

Delegates & Events.


Packaging and Deployment.

User Control and Custom Control.

Outline for this course

Understanding role of Web Server and Web Browser..

HTML and JavaScript.

Introduction to ASP.

Validation Controls.

Applying Themes and Styles to Controls.

ASP.NET Architecture.

Page Navigation Options.

Creating a Layout Using Master Pages.

Adding a Usercontrol to the WebForm.

ASP.NET State Management.

Databound Controls.

Creating Virtual Directory & Web Application.

Globa.asax & HttpApplication.

Understanding Configuration File - Web.Config.

Web Caching.

Authentication & Authorization.

Globalization and Localization.


Outline for this course

MVC Architecture.

HTML Helpers.

Exploring Controller’s.

Model Binders.

Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server.

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC.

Creating an application in MVC.

MVC State Management.