Course Outline
Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • The model of object oriented programming: abstract data types, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Fundamental features of an object oriented language like Java: object classes and interfaces, exceptions and libraries of object collections
  • How to take the statement of a business problem and from this determine suitable logic for solving the problem; then be able to proceed to code that logic as a program written in Java.
  • How to test, document and prepare a professional looking package for each business project using javadoc.
  • Course Introduction
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Java Core Packages
  • Java AWT and JFC
  • File Input/Output
  • Object Serialization
  • Threads, Exception Handling and Assertions
  • Dates and Numbers
  • Networking Java Applications
  • Generics and Collections
  • Database Connectivity Fundamentals